Mac keyboard numeric pad not working

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Anything solution for this? Can I change the layout to Dvorak? Press the Clear key on the number pad. In calculator applications, pressing it will clear the value display, just like an C or AC button on a physical calulator. Most likely, Num Lock is off in Excel. Hold down Shift and then press the zero key on the number pad.

Macbook Pro keyboard issue (some keys work - SOLVED in comments)

In supported applications, pressing Help will bring up the help system. Apple no long supports the Help key on their keyboards, and so it is also not supported on the Quiet Pro for Mac. Apple no longer has Power keys on their keyboards, and we fear they will eventually discontinue support for it entirely, so we didn't include one.

Yes, but since it is a Mac keyboard, there are a few quirks:. Yes, but since it is a Mac keyboard, there are a few quirks, which are explained here.

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The answer depends on which OS you're using If so, that's probably causing the problem. Please follow the instructions on this page Restoring the Volume and Eject keys on Apple keyboards. You can use the menu bar volume control instead. To get Eject to work, you need to download a special Eject utility that Apple released but is now discontinued. You can download it here. Anything solution? Double-click on Eject. The letters on the face of the keys may not correspond to the new layout, but the keyboard will operate exactly as the selected software layout.

However, we do NOT recommend that you remove the keycaps to configure it for Dvorak typing. Since the key heights and angles are different for each row, moving keycaps out of their standard positions will interfere with the feel of the keyboard. We recommend using the following software solution instead:. These layouts will work with any keyboard, not just this one. We encourage you to download and try them on your system, before you make a purchase. Alternatively, a compressed air can is also a good way to blow dust out from under the keys.

These instructions are provided only for cleaning keyboards that are so dirty that they're not functioning properly — for example: sticking or non-working keys, etc. Deep cleaning will void your warranty, so if your keyboard is less than a year old, we especially don't recommend doing this. Better to contact us for warranty support instead. For a more rigorous cleaning, you can remove some of the key caps.

This allows you to get under the keys and vacuum out anything missed by regular cleaning for example, crumbs or larger bits of dust. The bigger keys must NOT be removed, because they are extremely difficult to put back on afterwards You can clean under these keys by removing some keys around them. We do NOT recommend opening the keyboard case enclosure, for several reasons It voids the warranty.

Your Mac won’t type U, I, O, J, K, L, and M? Here’s why | Macworld

If you're not careful, you can easily damage the electronics from electrostatic discharge ESD. It's difficult to re-assemble the case if you don't know how.

The exception is the full-size Apple desktop keyboard the one with a numeric keypad ; there, the Fn key is in the little block of keys between the letter keys and the number pad. On the top row of aluminum Mac keyboards, the F-keys have dual functions. Pressing the Fn key in the corner changes their personalities, though.

Numeric keypad. The number-pad keys do exactly the same thing as the numbers at the top of the keyboard. Apple has been quietly eliminating the numeric keypad from most of its keyboards, but you can still find it on some models.

LMP USB numeric Keyboard (ANSI)

These keys control the brightness of your screen. Tap the key to open Dashboard, the archipelago of tiny, single-purpose widgets like Weather, Stocks, and Movies. On recent Macs, the F4 key bears a logo instead. Tapping it opens Launchpad, which is described on Launchpad.

How to fix a broken wireless keyboard

Tap either or to skip to the previous or next track or chapter. Hold one down to rewind or fast-forward. These three keys control your speaker volume. The key means Mute; tap it once to cut off the sound completely and again to restore its previous level. Tap the repeatedly to make the sound level lower, the key to make it louder. If you hold down the Shift and Option keys, then tapping the volume keys adjusts the volume by smaller increments, just as with the brightness keys. This is the Eject key. Home, End.

The Home key jumps to the top of a window, the End key to the bottom. In iPhoto, they jump to the first or last photo in your collection. In iMovie, the Home key rewinds your movie to the very beginning. In Safari, they send you to the top or bottom of the Web page. In Word, they jump to the beginning or end of the line. But then again, Microsoft has always had its own ways of doing things.

On keyboards without a dedicated block of number keys, you get these functions by holding down Fn as you tap the and keys. Pg Up, Pg Down. These keys scroll up or down by one screenful. The idea is to let you scroll through word-processing documents, Web pages, and lists without having to use the mouse. On keyboards without a numeric keypad, you get these functions by pressing Fn plus the and keys.

Number Keypad Not Working on a Mac Keyboard? It’s a Simple Fix

It closes dialog boxes, closes menus, and exits special modes like Quick Look, slideshows, screen savers, and so on. Get to know it. The Backspace key. This key triggers keyboard shortcuts for menu items. The Control key triggers shortcut menus. In the Finder, Microsoft programs, and a few other places, this key opens up the electronic help screens.