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A readily usable two-photon fluorescence lifetime microendoscope Hage C. Journal of Biophotonics, vol. UNSP e Brittle-to-quasibrittle transition in creep rupture of 2D disordered elastic materials Fusco C. Journal of Statistical Mechanics-theory and Experiment, vol. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, vol. Organotypic and primary neural cultures as models to assess effects of different gold nanostructures on glia and neurons Ji J.

Shaping the longitudinal electric field component of light Maucher F. Complex Light and Optical Forces Xiii, vol. Towards a simplified description of thermoelectric materials: accuracy of approximate density functional theory for phonon dispersions Niehaus T. Ab initio thermodynamics of carbon segregation on dislocation cores in bcc iron Luthi B. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. Two dimensional diffusion-controlled triplet-triplet annihilation kinetics Gschwend G.

Green-Kubo measurement of liquid-solid friction in finite-size systems Oga H. Large effect of lateral box size in molecular dynamics simulations of liquid-solid friction Ogawa K. Investigation on the material in the plasma phase by high temporally and spectrally resolved emission imaging during pulsed laser ablation in liquid PLAL for NPs production and consequent considerations on NPs formation Dell'Aglio M.

Gold nanoclusters as a contrast agent for image-guided surgery of head and neck tumors Colombe C. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol. Intensity modulated terahertz vortex wave generation in air plasma by two-color femtosecond laser pulses Ivanov M. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, vol.

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Shear force measurement of the hydrodynamic wall position in molecular dynamics Herrero C. Femtosecond predissociation dynamics of ethyl iodide in the B-band Murillo-Sanchez M. Seed orientation and pulling rate effects on bubbles and strain distribution on a sapphire crystal grown by the micro-pulling down method Bouaita R. Thermodynamics of supercooled and stretched water: Unifying two-structure description and liquid-vapor spinodal Caupin F. Enhanced two-photon absorption of ligated silver and gold nanoclusters: theoretical and experimental assessments Bonacic-Koutecky V.

Origin of dynamical instabilities in some simulated two-dimensional materials: GaSe as a case study Radescu S. High photoluminescence of shortwave infrared- emitting anisotropic surface charged gold nanoclusters Musnier B.

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Sub nanometer silver doped gold-cysteine supramolecular assemblies with enhanced nonlinear optical properties Fakhouri H. Spectroscopic diagnostic for the ring-size of carbohydrates in the gas phase: furanose and pyranose forms of GalNAc Schindler B. Effect of sub-surface hydrogen on intrinsic crack tip plasticity in aluminium Wang Y.

Ion mobility resolved photo-fragmentation to discriminate protomers Choi C. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, vol.

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Direct determination of molecular weight distribution of calf-thymus DNAs and study of their fragmentation under ultrasonic and low-energy infrared irradiations. A charge detection mass spectrometry investigation Halim M. In-depth study of annealed porous silicon: Understand the morphological properties effect on negative LiB electrode performance Roland A.

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Meso-tetrakis 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl porphyrin derivatives: Synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations and adsorption of NO2 Soury R. Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. On the use of CdSe scintillating nanoplatelets as time taggers for high-energy gamma detection Turtos R. Npj 2d Materials and Applications, vol. UNSP 37 An alternative approach to interferogram collection and processing for a vintage Bomem DA3 Fourier transform spectrometer Guislain B.

Spectroscopic investigation of praseodymium and cerium co-doped 20Al PO3 3 LiF glass for potential scintillator applications Minami Y. Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. Simple ions control the elasticity of calcite gels via interparticle forces Liberto T. Oliinyk B. Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.

Pair dispersion in inhomogeneous turbulent thermal convection Liot O.

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Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. Ultrasmall theranostic gadolinium-based nanoparticles improve high-grade rat glioma survival Dufort S. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, vol.

Crystal Research and Technology, vol. Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. Mn-doping effects on structural and magnetic properties of Ge nanocrystals on insulator Aouassa M.

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Applied Surface Science, vol. Enhanced water repellency of surfaces coated with multiscale carbon structures Marchalot Julien, Ramos Stella. Fluorine-graphite intercalation compound C4F n at high pressure: Experimental and theoretical study Pischedda V. Scattering defect in large diameter titanium-doped sapphire crystals grown by the Kyropoulos technique Alombert-Goget G.

Thermodynamics of Fluid Polyamorphism Anisimov M. Elemental imaging using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: A new and promising approach for biological and medical applications Busser B. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, vol. Atomistic study of two-level systems in amorphous silica Damart T.

Understanding lattice thermal conductivity in thermoelectric clathrates: A density functional theory study on binary Si-based type-I clathrates Euchner Holger, Pailhes Stephane , Giordano Valentina M. Opto-acoustic microscopy reveals adhesion mechanics of single cells Ghanem M. Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. Aggregation-fragmentation and individual dynamics of active clusters Ginot F.

Contact laws between nanoparticles: the elasticity of a nanopowder Girard A.

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RR Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, vol. Vertical pillar nanoantenna for emission enhancement and redirection Paparone J. Journal of Physics D-applied Physics, vol. Cohesion and agglomeration of wet powders Raux P. Optomechanics with a hybrid carbon nanotube resonator Tavernarakis A. Level-set simulations of a 2D topological rearrangement in a bubble assembly: effects of surfactant properties Titta A. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. Triple-line kinetics for solid films Tripathi A.

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Optothermal response of a single silicon nanotip Vella A. Collective regulation of cell motility using an accurate density-sensing system d'Alessandro J. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol. Amorphous tantala and its relationship with the molten state Alderman O. Proton-induced collision dynamics on potential prebiotic sulfur species Bacchus-Montabonel M.

Electroosmosis near surfactant laden liquid-air interfaces Blanc B. Characterization of foreign materials in paraffin-embedded pathological specimens using in situ multi-elemental imaging with laser spectroscopy Busser B. Electron transfer driven decomposition of adenine and selected analogs as probed by experimental and theoretical methods Cunha T. Active control of radiation beaming from Tamm nanostructures by optical microscopy Feng F. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. Interaction of gas phase copper ii acetylacetonate with slow electrons Kopyra J. Experimental and numerical effects of active afterheater addition on the growth of langatate La3Ga5.

Attractive interaction between interstitial solutes and screw dislocations in bcc iron from first principles Luthi B.

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  5. Computational Materials Science, vol. Raman scattering studies of graphene under high pressure Machon D. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, vol. Investigating the size, shape and surface roughness dependence of polarization lidars with light-scattering computations on real mineral dust particles: Application to dust particles' external mixtures and dust mass concentration retrievals Mehri T.

    Critical aspects of data analysis for quantification in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Motto-Ros V. Impact of Ag SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles on the photoelectric current of plasmonic inverted organic solar cells N'Konou K. Effects of pressure on the structural and electronic properties of linear carbon chains encapsulated in double wall carbon nanotubes Neves W. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, vol. Mass and charge distributions of amyloid fibers involved in neurodegenerative diseases: mapping heterogeneity and polymorphism Pansieri J.

    Observation of chemiluminescence induced by hydrodynamic cavitation in microchannels Podbevsek D. Time-resolved photoion imaging spectroscopy: Determining energy distribution in multiphoton absorption experiments Qian D.