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Inbuilt ability to write a new mail in an easy way by choosing your response preferences from a pull down menu.

Works easily with many tools like Evernote to keep track of the services you send to them. Can easily be used with the Dropbox. By simply dragging and dropping the files, allow the receiver of the message to download the file directly from the Dropbox account. Uses the Gravatar service to get images and acquaintances. Perform various operations on task like creating new tasks, checking finished off tasks, etc. Maintains your favorite feeds by integrating the RSS reader into it. Such a feature can be used at anytime, whenever required.

Advanced Online help files to help you find and use all these features. Require only one account login credentials to get all the emails to any computer. Provides a very interactive and transparent interface, which allows you the view mail on the basis of individual accounts or clever Smart Views.

Uses an advanced algorithm to categorize maps, package info, daily deals, subscription mailings, etc. You can set Inky to arrange your email on the basis of relevance by just clicking on the icons. It is free to use and incorporates new ideas that can be well executed to provide the best a user is looking for.

Mail Pilot Mail Pilot also provides more or less the same features as offered by other email clients. Mail Pilot considers each message as a task. Premium

With this, you can perform any action to a message instantly or at a later time. In addition, you can set reminders for a later action. Moreover, such tasks can be performed by making use of the various keyboard shortcuts present at the bottom of the screen. It uses the IMAP protocol to set up an account. Provides various options to navigate message thread, sort them, and stack them.

Many of the features like the ability to save a new message as a draft, is still under construction.

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However, the Mail Pilot client is worth a use. Takes a quick and easy approach to set up IMAP accounts. Displays the mailbox on the basis of the sender on a particular day. With the interface involving just one window, you can utilize maximum space. Various buttons to sort, junk, or delete a message as well as replying and forwarding options appears on the left and right side of the screen. However, unlike the Post box 3 as discussed before, the Dropbox option is not easy to set up. Advanced search features based on the attachments and attachment types.

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Support for Microsoft Exchange accounts. Sparrow 1.

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Maintains the same color coding and labels as used in Gmail or Yahoo folders. Allows you to create new labels in Sparrow in a color-coded fashion.

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Allows you to link the messages to any message sorting rule. Very interactive and beautiful interface. Tabs for email are one of the latest features introduced in Thunderbird 3. Allows you to open more than one Web page in tabs. Allows you to open emails and search results in new tabs. Supports various add-ons to enhance the working experience with it. You can keep intact your emails from PC and tasks together in a Mac inbox It allows you to unify your messages, contacts, calendars, etc.

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Unibox is a radically different take on email. Instead of grouping by message, your emails are grouped by person. This makes Unibox a potentially great pick for lead nurturing because it means that every person only appears once in the main inbox list, making it easier to keep track of new messages and old conversations.

How to Install Microsoft Office On Mac OSX For Free

Thunderbird is made by Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox browser. The biggest advantage that Thunderbird has over its competitors is how much more customizable it is than them. You can pick themes and find tools or add-ons that make your email life more enjoyable. Polymail is a new mail client that is currently in beta. Polymail is currently in private beta. Premium

It is meant to be a simple and powerful way to manage your email. It lets you schedule and translate messages, with dozens of other plugins available for you to use. N1 works with hundreds of email providers, such as Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and others. It works perfectly with Mac, Windows, and Linux. N1 dubs itself as the email client for everybody, and with its compatibility and customizability, anybody should be able to make N1 fit his or her needs. It also allows you to add unlimited email accounts to a unified inbox, powerfully search through archived messages, and much more.

Take some time to learn even about that email client that looks best for you and decide if it will help you achieve your goals, whether it be talking to friends, family, or nurturing a newly collected lead. Collect valuable leads that will grow your business. Take a moment to try Leadboxer, for free. Nurturing Leads With the Right Desktop Mail Client Email is arguable one of the most important aspects of a great lead generation engine because it allows you to have personal interactions with potential clients instantaneously, while managing existing relationships efficiently.