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Eventually, Sonny discovers that Tommy has gained complete control over Vice City's drug trade without cutting the Forelli family in.

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Enraged that Tommy has become independent and is hustling him, Sonny sends high-ranking Forelli members to forcefully collect money from Tommy's assets. Tommy quickly disposes of them and decides to sever his ties with the Forelli family. Sonny arrives at his estate with a small army of mafiosi and demands his mob tribute under the threat of force.

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As Tommy attempts to give the tribute in counterfeit money, Sonny reveals that he set Tommy up fifteen years prior, resulting in his prison sentence. Lance also reveals his partnership with Sonny, admitting to having informed Sonny about Tommy's activities in Vice City.

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Angered at this betrayal, Tommy chases and ridicules Lance before killing him for his treachery. Heading through his estate, the gun battle eventually culminates in Tommy killing Sonny and his remaining army once and for all. When Ken arrives, he is shocked and worried by the events, but Tommy reassures him that everything is fine, having finally established himself as the undisputed crime kingpin of Vice City.

In the post-credits gameplay, Tommy receives greeting phone calls from Paul and Cortez. Upon further discussion, the team decided to make this concept a stand-alone game, which became Vice City. The game is set in in fictional Vice City, which is based heavily on the city of Miami.

The game's look, particularly the clothing and vehicles, reflect its s setting. Many themes are borrowed from the major films Scarface and Carlito's Way , [21] the latter for its characterisation and portrayal of nuanced criminals. The television series Miami Vice —89 was also a major influence and was regularly watched by the team throughout development. The team organised field research trips to Miami shortly after the development of Grand Theft Auto III , splitting into small teams and observing the streets.

The team spent time "solving [the] riddle" of a speaking protagonist, a notable departure from Grand Theft Auto III ' s silent protagonist Claude. Liotta described the role as challenging: "You're creating a character that's not there before It's so intensive". When recording the role, the team used blue screen in order to allow Liotta to visualise "how it's gonna move". For the characters, the team used motion capture and stop motion animation techniques; cutscenes use the former, while gameplay movements use a combination of both techniques. The team encountered difficulty in animating motorcycle animations, due in part to the variety of models.

There are unique pedestrian models throughout the game world alongside roughly 50 story characters; each character is rendered using twice the amount of polygons and textures found in Grand Theft Auto III. Producer and talk show host Lazlow Jones stated that the small percentage of station listeners that actually call in are "insane"; in Vice City , the team "bumped it up a notch", emphasising the extremity.

Dan Houser felt that the talk stations give depth to the game world. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released to critical acclaim. Metacritic calculated an average score of 95 out of , indicating "universal acclaim", based on 62 reviews. It is Metacritic's highest-rated PlayStation 2 game of , [41] and the fifth-highest rated PlayStation 2 game overall, tied with a number of others. Reviewers generally considered the missions an improvement over Grand Theft Auto III , although some noted occasional awkwardness and frustration.

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The game's open world design was praised by reviewers, many of whom felt that it contained more detail and felt more alive than its predecessors. Marriott of AllGame named Vice City an "unforgettable listening experience", [2] and Perry of IGN declared the music as "the most impressive list of songs in a game". Many reviewers found that the game offers a better variety of vehicles than Grand Theft Auto III , [4] [42] [43] and found them easier to control; [7] GameSpot's Gerstmann named the driving "more exciting and dangerous", [8] and IGN's Perry found the motorcycle's controls pleasing.

Some reviewers recognised an improved draw distance over Grand Theft Auto III , although many identified frame rate drops during hardware-intense sequences. Metacritic calculated an average score of 94 out of , indicating "universal acclaim", based on 30 reviews. The port's visuals received a positive response from reviewers. AllGame's Mark Hoogland praised the improved car details, environment textures, and weather effects; [47] GameSpot's Greg Kasavin echoed similar remarks, noting occasional frame rate drops.

The control changes of the port were generally well received. Most reviewers found the targeting and shooting mechanics to be improved with mouse and keyboard controls; [10] [50] Eurogamer's Taylor called them "far more fluid", [48] and GameSpy's Accardo wrote "there's simply no substitute for aiming with a mouse". When Vice City was released on mobile devices in December , [60] [61] it received "generally favorable" reviews.

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Metacritic calculated an average score of 80 out of , based on 19 reviews. The port's visuals were well received. Destructoid 's Chris Carter felt that they "[suit] the neon and bright pastel veneer", and wrote that the "new lighting effects and smoothed-out engine really allow the game to pop like it never has before". Most reviewers criticised the port's touchscreen controls. Pocket Gamer 's Mark Brown found them "not ideal", but noted that this was also the case in the original game, [57] while Digital Spy 's Scott Nichols felt that the game "only complicated [the controls] further".

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City received multiple nominations and awards from gaming publications. Similar to its predecessors, Vice City generated several controversies.

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It has been labelled as violent and explicit and is considered highly controversial by many special interest groups. In November , the Haitian Centers Council and Haitian Americans for Human Rights staged a protest in New York publicly criticising the game, contending that it invited the player to harm Haitian immigrants and claiming that it depicted Haitians as "thugs, thieves and drug dealers".

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The proposal, apparently sparked by Vice City , was supported by North Miami mayor Josaphat Celestin , who stated "We don't believe the First Amendment was written to protect those who want to incite violence". On 7 June , year-old Devin Moore shot and killed two Alabamian police officers and a dispatcher before fleeing in a patrol car; he was later apprehended.

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In statements to police, Moore reportedly said "Life is like a video game. Everybody's got to die sometime". The plaintiffs' attorney, Jack Thompson , claimed the graphic nature of the game caused Moore to commit the murders. Sony in November [] after being scrutinised by the judge for unprofessional conduct.

Wilson both named Vice City the best game in the series, with the former naming it the "perfect Grand Theft Auto experience". Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released for Microsoft Windows on 12 May , supporting higher screen resolutions and draw distance, and featuring more detailed textures. The Xbox port features custom soundtrack support as well as improved audio, polygon models , and reflections over the previous ports. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the song by Jay Rock, see Vice City song. Dan Houser James Worrall. WW : 12 November WW : 6 December WW : 12 December WW : 27 August CBS Interactive.

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