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Logic Pro X Stories August Justin Kahn - Aug. This easily overlooked feature — designed to accommodate customized workflows and help organize that collage of plug-in windows currently burying your musical masterpiece — has been staring you right in the face this entire time. Logic Pro X Stories August 4. Logic Pros: How to use DeEsser 2 and its impressive new detection tech.

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After reviewing some of the more useful and practical features last week , we will be taking a closer look at how to use DeEsser 2 today, along with a rundown of the basics for beginners, its intelligent new Relative tech and some helpful tips for getting the most out of it. Logic Pro X Stories July Justin Kahn. Apple recently dished out a new update for its flagship music production software and we thought it would be fitting to take a closer look at some of the best new Logic Pro X features in If not you might try reinstalling.

I got through the 3 Audio Content discs and then inserted the Logic Studio dvd again as I was told and that's when the installation failure message appeared. I wasn't prompted to insert any of the Jam Pack discs or the Additional Content disc. Quote 7 Sat Feb 27, am Did you check all those items on the installer before it starts reading the discs?


Quote 8 Sat Feb 27, am triplets wrote: Did you check all those items on the installer before it starts reading the discs? Quote 9 Sat Feb 27, am Yes, that's what I asked.

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  5. Strange what's happening with your install. Quote 10 Sat Feb 27, am Personally I'd start again and reinstall the whole thing noting down carefully the exact msgs the installer gives you during the install in case something goes weird again By the way, did you install GarageBand iLife previous to installing Logic? Did you install any of the add on Jam packs for that too?

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    Logic Pro Quote 12 Mon Mar 08, am ok. I'll try reinstalling. But how do I uninstall applications on Mac? Most of the instruments are contained in a neat Library drawer that pack the instrument plug-in and separate effects already set up, which makes laying down new tracks a cinch. The Loop Browser now supports the drag-and-drop of multiple loops simultaneously.

    Third-party plug-in support remains robust, and you can organize your favorite plug-ins into folders. In testing, as usual, I had no problems opening up and using major plug-ins I own like Spectrasonics Atmosphere and a series of East West Play-compatible orchestral and world-instrument libraries. Apple spent plenty of time catering to its higher-end customers over the past several updates. The main mix console offers large faders, pan and other track controls, and as many inserts and sends as you need—once again, with a flatter, cleaner look.

    There are welcome analog-style VCA faders available.

    What's New

    One sticking point is the metering; you can switch between pre- and post-fader, and Apple greatly smoothed out their responses in the past couple of point updates, but the meters themselves are still considerably smaller than what you get in Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase , and other DAWs. But rearranging tracks in the Arrange view doesn't necessarily correspond with the Mixer. Some tracks particularly Auxes require complex workarounds like enabling automation and tweaking Track Stacks just to get them to scoot over on the mixing board to where you want them.

    Other DAWs handle this more seamlessly. At the top of each channel strip, the built-in console EQ really just pops up the EQ plug-in, which offers eight bands, plus configurable Q settings and customizable low-pass and high-pass filters. It offers enough musicality for rounding out the high-end of an electric bass or tightening up the boom of a loosely tuned kick drum.

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    The bit summing engine sounds great. There are now busses available instead of , and there's a true stereo panning option that lets you adjust the individual left and right levels instead of just attenuating either left or right signal. New for Several new effects arrive in version ChromaVerb is a beautiful plug-in that delivers algorithmic reverb programs along with a colorful visual component, letting you see and shape the reverb tail.

    ChromaVerb offers lots of sweet-sounding patches, including Collins Gate they're playing my 80s song! And with Logic Pro X The new Phat FX and Step FX both add warmth, punch, and presence to your drum, bass, and synth tracks along with rhythmic elements; these plug-ins are derived from work with the Apple-owned Camel Audio.

    Finally, a new Tube EQ plug-in does for the equalizer what Logic's awesome compressor did for, well, compressors. Tube EQ contains several models that mirror famous Neve, API, and Pultec hardware, and each adds a distinctive character to the sound that you can't get from the usual parametric EQ. As before, you can write automation to regions, which makes it much simpler to move around and arrange your project without destroying recorded fader and knob movements.

    There are Relative and Trim modes for adjusting existing automation data; you can use them to ride a fader and smooth out an edit. Region Gain is similar to Clip Gain, one of my favorite features in Pro Tools; it makes it easy to quickly adjust a region that for whatever reason is recorded at a different level, without having to resort to inserting a plug-in or a destructive edit.

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    It requires a few more clicks than Pro Tools does, though. Fades are generated in real time, rather than stored as separate audio files with your project, which greatly simplifies file management. You can also finally apply fades to multiple regions simultaneously—a single change that can make sound design or track editing much faster.

    Flex Pitch and Flex Time make quick work of tuning vocals and fixing mistakes in recorded audio tracks. Flex Pitch in particular is a great freebie if you're used to working with an entirely separate app like Melodyne or needing to budget for one. I've used it extensively by this point, and with careful edits, I find it to be as transparent as you could possibly want, and I love not having to export and re-import tuned vocals each time. Logic's main Compressor continues to shine, with its VCA transparent solid state , FET, and Opto tube-like modes, which behave differently and provide exactly the kind of warmth and crunch you'd expect from actual vintage hardware when called for.

    In all, there are over 4, presets available across the various bundled plug-ins, plus sampled convolution reverb spaces in Space Designer, which finally just received a Retina-class coat of paint. You can now sidechain a software instrument as well as a compressor.

    It's tough to imagine a mixing situation these tools can't cover.

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    And while you can also master in the box, in testing I found mastering tracks with the superb Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced worked exactly and as reliably as before. There are hundreds of other features I simply don't have the room to discuss here, many of which have been with the program for years. With the latest update, and especially with the massive number of tweaks Apple has made just between version Any quibbles with the program—and some are to be expected, given the sheer breadth and depth of what Logic Pro offers—pale in comparison with its virtues.

    And as is more and more the case these days, you don't need a desktop machine for professional work. Add Logic Pro X The competition is well established and fierce, but much of it costs more. Avid Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer , and Cubase—what used to be considered the other four major established DAWs years ago that are still around today—all remain hundreds of dollars more expensive than Logic, and require either hardware copy protection, subscription fees for support, or some combination of those. Perhaps the most compelling higher-end DAW is Ableton Live , which commands a rabid following for its unique composition and live performance-oriented UI.

    On the lower end, Logic does see some stronger competition from PreSonus Studio One , the utilitarian-but-bargain-priced Cockos Reaper , and long-standing electronic-dance-music favorites FL Studio and Reason.