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The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Method 1. Download the Unarchiver application. To download it, do the following: Open your Mac's. Open Launchpad. Click the Launchpad icon, which resembles a rocket ship. It's usually found in the Dock at the bottom of your Mac's screen.

How to download a RAR file extractor free on Mac

Click The Unarchiver application. This will launch the Unarchiver program.

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If prompted, you may have to select whether you want to save unarchived files to the same folder each time, or if you want to be asked each time. Click the Archive Formats tab. It's at the top of the window. Check the "RAR Archive" box.

RAR Extractor Free for Mac Download - TechSpot

Doing so ensures that the Unarchiver program will be able to open RAR files in the future. Select a RAR file. If you are trying to extract a multi-part RAR file, start with the ". All the parts should be in the same folder. It's at the top of your Mac's screen. A drop-down menu will appear. In some cases, you may also be able to double-click the RAR file to open it in Unarchiver.

How to open and extract .rar files on macOS

This may not work if you have multiple apps which can open RAR files on your Mac. Select Open With. This option is in the File drop-down menu. A pop-out will appear. It's in the pop-out menu. If the RAR file is password-protected, you'll be prompted to enter the password before the files can be extracted.

Open the extracted file s. For example, if the RAR file was in the Desktop folder, you'll find the extracted files there. Method 2. Open the StuffIt Expander website. Download StuffIt Expander. Install StuffIt Expander. Double-click the downloaded DMG file, click Agree when prompted, and wait for it to install. You may be prompted to verify the software before you can install it. Open StuffIt Expander. Double-click the StuffIt Expander app icon to do so.

If prompted, click Open. Click Move to Applications Folder. Click StuffIt Expander. This menu item is in the top-left corner of the screen.

Click Preferences…. You'll find it in the StuffIt Expander drop-down menu. The list is actually much longer - see the program homepage for the full list. The Unarchiver also tries to detect and correctly handle the filename encoding in the archives it opens, allowing you to open files from every part of the world without getting garbled filenames. The Unarchiver aims to be the only unarchiving program you will ever need, and to stay out of your way. The Unarchiver goes dark. We adopted the new Mojave Dark Mode so your archive management could become much more stylish.

I tried Stuffit Expander, which is a very good app too. This app does the same thing Stuffit does-unzips just about any compressed folders I threw at it. What I like about this app is that it asks u if you want to open the folder in the same location as the zip file is, which Stuffit does not do. This is a useful feature for me! Unarchiver is my default unzipper on my Macbook! Neat app but I found a bug in the version 3. It complaints that the folder is not writable and could not extract to that location.

But when I changed it to "Always" extract to the same folder and it works.