Setup ps4 controller on mac

How to use a PS4 controller with your Mac

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I tried this over and over. I removed the device and paired from scratch again. I reset my Bluetooth device cache as described here. I reset the controller itself by pressing the reset button in the tiny hole near the L2 button and holding it for 5 seconds. Nothing helped. Eventually I figured out the battery was low and just needed to be charged for awhile before it could successfully pair. Of course that was the first thing I tried, but because I don't own a PS4 and have never used one of these things before, I didn't realize it was supposed to light up orange when charging.

It doesn't. I had to actually connect it to my Mac for it to charge. Fortunately it works as a wired controller when connected over USB, so I was able to use it while charging.

After half an hour or so, I disconnected it and tried pairing it again, and this time it actually worked. When it connects properly, you should see a dialog that says the device is asking to connect to your Mac this never came up before. After I allowed the connection, it paired and stayed connected, and has worked flawlessly ever since. I also rebooted into Windows via Boot Camp and it worked there too. Each time I switch between Mac and Windows I need to remove the device and re-pair it, but it does so without hassle and no longer prompts to allow the connection…looks like that was a one-time thing.

How to use a PS4 or Xbox One controller on Mac

If that doesn't work for you, try resetting the controller and your Mac's Bluetooth cache etc. But before you do any of that, just make sure the thing is actually charged! By the way, I came across some often-repeated misinformation while troubleshooting this:. The DS4 wants to be the only thing connected over Bluetooth and "blocks" other devices. This is made-up nonsense. You have to buy the official DualShock wireless adapter.

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That thing is just a massively overpriced Bluetooth receiver and in fact it just creates another source of interference that competes with your Mac's built-in Bluetooth. For some reason Sony actually requires it if you want to use it wirelessly with Remote Play, but quite frankly Remote Play has too much latency to be a good experience anyway.

You can charge this thing with any wall charger. Many people said this works. I believe them, but it doesn't work with all chargers and cables.

How To Use A PS4 Controller On Your Mac With Ease | Technobezz

It seems like it will only charge if the USB cable makes a data connection. My cable is not the issue, as it charges over the same cable if I plug it into my Mac. It charges when connected to my powered USB hub.