How to download lightroom 4 for free pc and mac

If you're looking for a tool to correct and edit photos , Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is for you. Photoshop is powerful software, so useful that it almost has too many tools. Adobe's solution is to create a specialized and lightweight version of Photoshop. In this sense, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is perfect for editing images for both personal and professional use. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will be useful whether you've got editing skills or not, because it comes with tools that are easy to use with your mouse or tuning advanced settings. In any case, the results are excellent, and if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements, the organization of menus and functions in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will be very familiar.

The latest update of Lightroom includes performance improvements and better utilization of your graphics chip, automatic facial recognition as well as new panoramic and HDR photo features. Moreover it brings support for new camera image formats. With Lightroom you can manage all of your photographs; showcase them in print, dynamic slideshows, and interactive Web galleries that are a simple to produce. Should you upgrade from LR3 to LR4?

The new Lightroom 4 is full of bugs and slower than LR3. It does have promise new func tionality in the sliders and also new modules.

But until they address the bugs and performance issues I would wait. This product is more like a beta version than a full release. I am going to wait to switch to LR4.

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I like LR3 over this package. Save your money until it is fixed. And yes, you can install LR6 on the Mac. Is there anyway of moving it to new mac without having to buy it again?!? If you registered your copy with Adobe, it should be listed in your Adobe account on their website.

I have done little work in LR, just cropping some photos and changing the lighting on some, and exported all the results in picture folders. Do I still need to do all the steps you recommend? I though it might be simpler to re-create a catalog as my photo files will be in the cloud. If you want to start again from scratch, then yes you could just create a new catalog. I was able to transfer everything over to lightroom but my presets, and watermarks… I have the folders but they wont show up.

Where are your folders of presets? I run Lightroom CC on my iMac and suffered a complete hard disc failure. Fortunately managed to get most of my data and all my photos safely retrieved — phew!! However, I am completely stumped in trying to locate and transfer my collections information from the old data.

Lightroom Classic (formerly Lightroom Classic CC)

Have you any ideas? Hi Allan, sorry for the delay replying — just back from vacation. Sorry to hear about your iMac. So have you tried simply opening the backup catalog or old lrcat file? That should do the trick. I currently use Lightroom CC on a Windows 10 PC and keep all my photos in a folder on an external hard drive several hundred thousand images. I would like to copy my photos folder from one external drive to a new external drive to use on the Mac.

The new external hard drive is supposed to be compatible with both pc and Mac. My question is can I copy the folder on the external drive Windows PC to the new external drive and use the new external drive on the MacBook? I want to use the external drive only on the Mac not copy the files to the relatively small hard drive. Will I be able to read and write and have the trash can available on the new external drive?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! I have installed LR 5. The desktop computer however has problems and crashes HW-problems so I need to move my license to a new desktop computer. The same procedure is needed for Elements None of them is part of CC. Up to and including LR 5. Elements 12 usually gets deregistered by uninstalling, but if you run into problems reinstalling, Adobe chat should be able to help.

My present PC has a partitioned memory with all the operating system files on C: and all the Data files on D:. So while most of the saved copies are D: files a few are C: files i. Will this affect how I transfer the files to the iMac? As long as you have all of the files on the external drive, you can copy them to their correct locations on the iMac.

For example, the Presets, Camera Raw, etc. Thanks for your reply. I have now, I think, successfully made the transfer — for which your detailed guide was excellent! Ircat-journal and ditto Ircat. They are shown as black squares with exec at top left.

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What are these and do they need to be dragged over somewhere? The temporary import data files you can safely delete. The journal and lock file would suggest that LR was open when you copied it. Following on from my last 2 questions, I now have all of my photos on my new iMac in the folders I transferred thanks to your excellent advice. Now, none of these appear in or can be accessed from Photos in the Dock on the home screen. Is this normal?

How to Install Presets in Lightroom on a MAC and PC

Or is there a way of accessing them from Photos? What exactly I did to bring this about, I cannot now clearly recall! The Photos app is completely separate and wraps the files up in its own special format.

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So the question is there a way to get my photos back to the new Lightroom and recreate a new catalog without loosing my stuff? Is the old laptop hard drive definitely damaged? Hello thanks for your answer, So just one more question I have the old catalog 6 month old , the photos are since ever on an external disk so so rout structure of the photos did not changed, But I think I added about new photos since the the last catalogue back up, so.

Concerning the HD , I did try first thing to connect it as an external drive, the disk shows up as full but does not show any file structure , I will try this weekend with some tools try to recover some data.. Cross fingers…. Hello , hope you are doing well and thanks for your help, Quick question I was able to access part of my old HDD , still not sure if and how much I can recover, what files do I need urgently from Lightroom , it shows me a folder with over 6 gb of data do I need all or are there some specifics which I need and then it can recreate the missing things?

The LR5 one is probably the one you want — the other one may be an additional catalog with a small number of photos, that you might want to merge into the main catalog eventually.

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You might want to go find your presets too. Or it does not mean anything? I got my old catalog back and running , that said its the old one, and I have lost about fotos in the library , my questions , if I make a copy of the folder which contains all photos , and copy them to an other external drive, could I just go and say import new photos , link to the new external drive with the copy of all my photos which where linked to the lost catalog?

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Would Lightroom recognize which photos are allredy in my catalogue and which not, and than just add the nonce which where not linked in the old catalogue? Should this work? The point is the total photo folder is about 80 GB and 20 photos? Should I split by year or month.. So do you think this would work , and what would be your recommendation? Can you easily just add the photos, or are they scattered all over the place? So my idea was to connect the old hd 1GB as well and import fotos from the photo folder of that HD to my library and than link the photos automatically to my catalogue and therefore have my fotos back in the catalogue.

I know LR has a feature to check if the photo is already in the catalogue or not , so the idea was to use LR for searching the fotos which are not in the catalogue today. What do you think? Back up your catalog first.