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Laying all the prints on the scanner platen and scanning everything in one go is a real time saver. I would certainly recommend the new V6. Thomas Nestinger F - I am not a professional, but also I can clearly see a definitive increase in scan quality when using SilverFast as compared to the normal scan software. I often scan images and even with a brief glimpse, the image scanned with SilverFast catches my eye.

In my opinion the de-screening function is great, and the new multi exposure feature delivers a substantial increase in image quality. I was already using SilverFast with a different scanner before buying the Canon; because I switched to Windows Vista 64Bit the compatibility to SilverFast was an important criteria for me when deciding on the model.

In my eyes, a scanner and SilverFast are a combination which should go together. Even my next scanner will be one that operates with SilverFast. For this reason I purchased a CanoScan F.

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One of the main reasons for buying this scanner was that this reasonably priced model is bundled with SilverFastSE. I read that this combination of hard- and software was great for scanning such images. Since I do not have the time to post-process my scans, my images have to be scanned "right". SilverFast delivers stunning results! The Scanpilot basically guides one through the entire workflow. You do not need to be a professional in order to obtain great results with SilverFast. This version contains a function called "Multi Exposure". By making several scans of a negative with different exposure times, the scan quality is dramatically enhanced and the quality of the scan result is amazing.

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The "Multi-Exposure Feature" effectively removes noise allowing even large size printouts of the scans. All my expectations were exceed. The "CanoScan F is a great scanner - but only the combination with the SilverFast software does it deliver truly excellent results!!! For that scanner I invested in SilverFast Ai 5. This made me buy the CanoScan F. After the purchase I quickly upgraded to SilverFast 6. Indeed, compared with the software offer delivered with the scanner there is nothing to hesitate, SilverFast replaces the latter without any regret.

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It is for that that I particularly appreciate the possibilities of decreening with SilverFast, which I didn't find anywhere else. The possibilities with SilverFast are multiple. Gregory Knipp F - I've been an amateur photographer most of my life, but in January decided it was time to go digital. I began using the included scanning software, ScanGear, and initially thought it worked pretty well.

Then I heard about SilverFast.

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There was a lot of positive dialogue about the product across the internet, so I downloaded a trial copy of SilverFast SE Plus and began testing it. I also tried out a copy of VueScan, but I thought it was a bit lacking. I ended up purchasing SilverFast Ai which has full color management and can handle bit color, including RAW, amidst it's growing list of features. You absolutely do have greater control over your scans, as advertised. The Canon F is an awesome scanner, and SilverFast really allows the scanner to make the most of it's capabilities.

System Requirements SilverFast 8.

SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to SilverFast 8. Please contact us.

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All rights reserved. That number from this CanoScan F is considered as something very nice. That is because most scanners nowadays can only reach the maximum number of dpi. Even though there are some scanners that give you the maximum scanning resolution of dpi, there are not many scanners that can give you the maximum of dpi, but this one does.

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With that amazing scan resolution, you can make sure your scanning result will be totally amazing when you are using this CanoScan F. However, you also need to make sure that the source has a nice quality so that you will also be able to get the nice scanning result. As if you are about to use the printer, you have to set up the printer driver properly with all these steps below on your Windows operating system.

To uninstall the Canon CanoScan F printing device from your Windows operating system, make sure you are following these steps below.

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However, the step-by-step of the installation and vice versa , it can have differed depending on upon the platform or device that you use for the installation of Canon CanoScan F. The above mentioned, the installation is occurred using Windows 7 and for Windows XP or Windows 8 is not the much different way. If you have none, then you will be glad to know that canonprinterupdates. Of course, the steps by step are also easy to follow. Good news from the owner canonprinterupdates. While downloading the software, to ensure that there is nothing wrong while using Canon CanoScan F, you need to pay attention toward the installation or download User Manual below.

Canon CanoScan F Driver and Software Installations Manual instruction to install Canon CanoScan F Driver As if you are about to use the printer, you have to set up the printer driver properly with all these steps below on your Windows operating system. The installation process of Canon CanoScan F can be started whenever the download is completed and you are ready to start the setting up.

The first step, just clicks and open the file directory where you save the downloaded file.