Mac pro raid card write cache disabled

I found that it was possible to enable cache on the hard disks themselves, however, I can't find how this would be done on my server.

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Another possibility would be to enable caching on the RAID card somehow, without replacing the battery. Replace the battery on the controller. You can leverage warranty unlikely, due to the server's age , buy a part from eBay or another HP parts reseller. Don't buy new.

The ML G5 is an old system, mainly sold from At this point, you should not have high expectations for the performance of the system. If the performance is unacceptable, buy the battery or plan to move to newer hardware. On some controllers there's an option to have a non-battery backed write cache, which you will be able to see by connecting to your RAID controller and seeing if it's an option.

If it isn't an option for your controller, you may want to Google a bit and see if it's available in a later firmware version. Anything relating to the hard drives is irrelevant to what you're doing.

QNP303 - Setup Cache to Accelerate Storage Performance

All of the above said, though, this is a terrible idea and you shouldn't enable a write cache without a battery behind it because it can lead to data loss. Please don't, when you sign up to this site it states pretty clearly that this site is for professional sysadmins - we do things professionally and the idea of enabling a hardware cache without some form of backup horrifies me and I'm sure many other SF members - so please don't.

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After running all the updates I repeated the tests and found the same speed with the card the one time I was able to activate the write cache and the same speeds with the RAID set up in Disk Utility. As AJA is not available for Mirrored RAID 1 2.

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  • Striped RAID 0 3. Concatenated also called JBOD. Unfortunately after some research I can not see what the benefit of this card was over Disk Utility. At least not for RAID 0 configurations. With more complicated RAID levels the card may have had some benefits. The issues with using this card in The card runs HOT. This in turn heats up the hard drives that are directly on top of the card.

    Mac Pro RAID Card - Mac Support Guy

    A drive in bay 3 will feel this, a drive in bay 4 will certainly feel this. The card takes up a valuable PCIe slot. This leaves most Mac Pro users with 1 slot available and plenty of nice cards to put in there to enhance the performance and functionality. The RAID card provides neither. Other options available. Accelerated rebuilds, email notifications, SSD support, advanced warning and more.

    The user base for this card was small, a fraction of the Mac Pro users got this card.

    Apple Xserve/Mac Pro RAID Card Battery Repair

    If write cached is disabled due to insufficient battery charge, does it affect performance? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Apple's documentation says: Thank you.

    Mac Pro Raid Card battery failure

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    Camelot Camelot. Personally, I'd look to fix the issue, but that's me.