Mac firefox stuck in full screen mode

FireFox stuck in full screen mode Hi All, As the title says, I have a problem with FireFox for some reason it jumped to full screen, and I can't get out of it. As always, all help, advice, suggestions greatly appreciated. Adv Reply.

Full screen mode lets you see more of the web and less of the browser

June 5th, 2. Re: FireFox stuck in full screen mode Does pressing F11 help? June 5th, 3. Re: FireFox stuck in full screen mode When you say "stuck", exactly what is the behaviour? When you right-click on the Firefox tab at the bottom, is the "resize" or any other option grayed out? Or does it simply not react as expected when clicking on "resize"?

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June 5th, 4. Join Date Nov Beans June 5th, 5. Re: FireFox stuck in full screen mode Hi All, Thanks for the replies, but I have started FireFox and it has gone back to normal, I can now see the quit button, the minimise and maximise buttons which I couldn't before.

Entering Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X with the Green Maximize Button

We got your back with the best software you can get. In some occasions, your best bet is to reset your settings.

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This solution applies not only to Chrome for Windows 10, but Android version as well. In case you accidentally delete a good extension, first check our fresh guide to backup Chrome extensions. For the last resort, you may either check for updates or reinstall Chrome from scratch.

So, you should back up your bookmarks and saved passwords. As for bookmarks, you can easily save them with these nifty tools.

How To Use Full Screen Mode In The Firefox Web Browser

You can find these files in the following directories:. On the other hand, if you want to be sure that all leftover files and registry entries are removed, you might want to use uninstaller software to remove Chrome.

I'm having trouble getting Netflix to play in full screen on my computer.

Once you remove Chrome using this application, install it again and check if the issue is still there. According to users, sometimes your scaling settings can cause full screen issues in Google Chrome. However, you can fix that problem simply by disabling a single setting.

To do that, you just need to do the following:. Bookmark this page in case you need it later.

Configuring fullscreen mode

Google Chrome supports all sorts of customization , and you can even change the look of the entire theme. However, you should know that changing your theme can sometimes lead to certain issues.

Exit full screen mode – Support

Speaking of which, many users reported that changing the theme caused issues with full screen to occur. This is quite simple and you can do it by following these steps:. After switching back to the default theme, the Google Chrome Full Screen mode not working issue should be resolved completely.

Many users reported that this solution worked for them, therefore we strongly suggest that you try it out.